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What is Distance Education?

I’m sure that if you asked many children about distance education they’d think it was a great idea, after all, the further away from school the better, but that isn’t quite what it means. Distance education has been around for many years, you could enrol in an Open University from newspaper advertisements for example, 30 or 40 years ago, but these days the internet has taken the whole concept of distance education to a new level. Distance education has actually become so popular that many colleges and universities have as many if not more students enrol on distance courses than they have attending in person, and so very quickly had to make sure that the distance learning courses available are of an equal quality than those studied on campus.

Benefits of Distance Education

So why is distance education so popular. What are the benefits. Let’s see:

* Geography – you can enrol on many distance education courses from anywhere in the world. Some courses do need you to attend college for a few hours throughout the course, but many are done entirely by email, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can still attend the best college with the best course for your needs without ever leaving home.

* Time – one of the real advantages of continuing your education through a distance learning course is that you can do it in your own time. Very often there are no time restrictions, you don’t have to have anything completed and handed in by a certain day, you set your own schedule. This does have its drawbacks though, if you’re not the type of person who can keep themselves motivated – it’s really important that you do set yourself a study schedule and stick to it as much as possible, otherwise it will take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. . . There are no tutors breathing down your neck, it’s down to you.

* Convenience – this kind of ties in with the whole time thing really. If you choose a distance education course rather than enrolling into a full time college you will be able to fit it around your other commitments. If you have a young family to take care of, you can study while they’re sleeping, and if you are already working you can fit in the studying around it. This way you don’t have to give up your work to try and better yourself, you can study for that promotion at work while still earning a living. Earn while you learn, that’s a bonus. Many people simply cannot afford to give up work and study full time, so you really can have the best of both worlds. 

* Money – we’ve already said that you can “earn while your learn”, but there is another cash advantage to distance education, very often the courses are much cheaper in the first place. If you start to add up how much it costs to enrol in a college or University, then think about relocating costs, tuition fees, books, living expenses in a strange place, it just goes on and on and on. . .

* Mature students – mature sounds so much better than old doesn’t it, but when you’re talking about education, mature doesn’t even mean old, not anywhere near it.

Of course if you really are mature, you better have burial insurance.

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